Visit at NUTEK (Singapore) towards offering total solution for electronics manufacturing & Assembly

Visit at NUTEK (Singapore) towards offering total solution for electronics manufacturing & Assembly

On June, 25th 2018 a team of Engineers from RASTEK Technologies visited NUTEK Technologies Pvt ltd., Singapore. During the official visit, Engr. Khan Afsar Khan and Engr. Sohail Rahman successfully completed “Nutek Board Handling, Equipment in Electrical, Hardware & Software” Training from experts of the hosting company.

Under this training, Engineers utilized a distinct chance to learn the core competencies of the company i.e. designing, developing, manufacturing, supply and maintenance in specialized communication products and accessories.

With similar mission and vision, RASTEK and NUTEK believe in committing to Design a solution, R&D and quality control of the products. NUTEK is engaged in the design, development and manufacture of electronic equipment for Defense requirements in areas like Data communication products and accessories, intelligent battery charging (NiCd, LiIon, NiMh), High power efficient multiport battery charging, shelter-based power racks and power packs for communication equipment’s used in the field.

Learning at NUTEK helps evolve in all these perspectives. Focused training involves, Conveyor Systems including:

  • De-Stacker
  • Linking Conveyor
  • Inspection Conveyor 1000mm
  • Inspection Conveyor 500mm
  • Push Conveyor
  • Un-loader

These have the competencies with Communication Channel of SMEMA Cables, To work with-in, the following two generations of PLC’s is used.

  • Omron
  • Panasonic

With this training in hand and Engineers trained by a world-renowned company, RASTEK aims to work in all these domains and with collaboration with NUTEK, provide the best possible service here in Pakistan.

Figure 1: Inspection Conveyor 500mm
Figure 2: Inspection Conveyor 1000mm
Figure 3: Reeling tray body
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