AIOT Automation & Control

RASTEK Technologies In Collaboration With our partners Presents IOT/AI Based Solutions for Automation & Control

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of interconnected physical devices, vehicles, appliances, and other objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and network connectivity. These devices can collect and exchange data, allowing them to interact with their environment and communicate with each other over the internet.

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Commercial Solutions

We seek to transform enterprises using the power of Digital Transformation and lead them on the path of innovation, delivering a smarter tomorrow.

Leveraging the power of big data, predictive analytics, and process automation, enhance your business outcomes and significantly improve their foundation.

iWire provides products and solutions to power the massive revolution of Internet of Things (IoT).

Optimising IT infrastructures and providing Information Security services such as conducting assessments and even managed security services.

These versatile Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions are ideal for areas where extreme temps could degrade performance, assets, or safety. Monitor food storage, vaccines, research labs, HVAC systems, facilities, and more. Industry-topping, 25-month NIST Certification is available.

Monnit supports businesses in nearly 90 countries, offering its International ALTA 2G and IoT Gateways. Select ALTA Gateways are available with a Monnit cellular data plan, and other models require a Mini-SIM 2FF card.

This sensor management software maximizes performance via enhanced configuration options and features. Benefit from unlimited data storage, APIs, and more. Premiere is offered in a host of 12-month subscriptions to suit networks from 6–99 sensors.

Monnit’s Sensor Cable and Serial Modbus USB Programmer accessories support set up. The Cable links Monnit MoWi Wi-Fi Wireless Sensors to a PC for configuration. The USB Programmer connects Monnit’s Serial Gateway to a PC for networking, parameter setting, and testing.

Teaching & Training Solutions


The DL PLC-MAC is a multipurpose bench for the study of PLC programming techniques used to start and control a three-phase asynchronous electrical motor using an inverter drive.

The starting and control of an induction asynchronous motor can be tested in two different modes:

  • Manual operation using timed relays or an inverter.
  • Automatic operation using a PLC to control the inverter drive and contactors.

IOT-110 Edge IoT Teaching Platform

IOT-110 is a platform that integrates the training of edge computing, AI., and IoT. Its system consists of sensor modules, edge computing modules, and AI computing accelerators. The course provided is structured coherently and clearly, and the concepts of sensors, networks, and applications can be introduced progressively and thoroughly. With this system, users shall be able to deploy various smart applications of IOT and edge computing.

Each of the 16 sensor modules is embedded in a separate aluminum housing with a built-in hook and powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, so the sensor modules can be deployed in many different locations as well as on the training stand. The name of each sensor is printed on the housing.

KL-900E Near Field Communication (NFC) Trainer

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a type of short-range wireless technologies, with typical distance of 10 cm or less. NFC is compatible with existing passive RFID (13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3) infrastructures.
KL-900E NFC Trainer covers three parts: (1)NFC Principle of Transmission, (2)NFC and Contactless Smart Card and (3)NFC Appliance Integration. We hope to provide a complete learning experimental instrument for NFC that covers from physical to application layer for the novice.

IOT-100 Innovative IoT Experiment Platform

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), more physical objects are connected to internet to make everyday life easier. Topics about creating a user-friendly IoT experience become popular to IoT solution providers.

The Innovative IoT Experiment Platform (IOT-100) is a module-based solution to IoT experiment systems. It is constructed by various communication node boards, sensor modules, wireless integrated gateway, and open-source applications. The experiment topics include not only traditional “wireless sensing technology”, but also embedded system development, intelligent sensing technology, IoT composition technology, IoT chip control technology, and IoT engineering applications.

IOT-100 adopts 4 different wireless protocols: ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, and EnOcean. Users can select one (or more) wireless sensing technology and transmit data to wireless integrated gateway via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol for observation.

The functions of the Wireless Integrated Gateway are acquisition, packaging, and transmission of data. The data is transmitted to the cloud using MQTT protocol. On the webpage, students can observe the experiment results of data acquired from the wireless sensing node boards and sensor modules.

Comprehensive Teaching Platform for Intelligent Building System Integration and IOT Technology Development

Training Content:
1) Patch cords, programming, commissioning, operating, repair, and maintenance of the system
2) Connection and configuration training of HD coaxial video signal and hard disk video recorder
3) Connection and monitoring training of high-speed dome camera, infrared gun camera, monitor and hard disk video recorder.
4) Control PTZ motion and animated zoom training of high-speed dome camera through hard disk video recorder
5) Set and call high speed dome camera PTZ presetting bit and cruising through hard disk video recorder.
6) Auto-record training of monitoring screen dynamic variation and surrounding alarm
7) LAN monitoring training of network video monitoring management software
8) Connecting of illumination sensor and LED light with DDC control module, and analog input and output programming of Universal input function module.

Intelligent Building Engineering Technology Skills Training and Assessment Device

Training Content:
1) System installation, wiring, programming, debugging, operation, maintenance and repair 2) High-speed dome camera, infrared camera, monitor and hard disk video recorder connection and monitoring training.
3) Control the camera pan movement and lens movement training of the high-speed dome camera through the hard disk video recorder.
4) Set and call the camera pan preset position and cruise training of the high-speed dome camera through the hard disk video recorder.
5) The automatic video recording training of the monitoring screen dynamic changes and the surrounding alarms.
6) The connection and setting training of wall-mounted passive infrared intrusion detector, active infrared on-beam detector, sound and light alarm and hard disk video recorder.
7) Interaction training of video surveillance system and surrounding security system.
8) The installation, programming, development and integration of Niagara Framework open integrated application and development software
9) The monitoring interface design, development and monitoring of Niagara Framework open integrated application and development software
10) Illumination switch and tungsten halogen lamp connection with DDC control module and schedule time programming training

Water Supply and Drainage Integrated Monitoring System Training and Assessment Device (BACnet network)

Training Content:
1) System installation, wiring, programming, debugging, operation, maintenance, and repair
2) Drawing of system as-built drawing and control electrical schematic diagram.
3) Cutting, threading, welding and connection of galvanized pipe, stainless steel composite pipe, PPR pipe, UPVC pipe.
4) Installation of pipe fittings in domestic water supply system, fire water supply system, water supply system and drainage system
5) Installation of water heating devices such as water pumps, pressure transmitters, water meters, level gauges, signal butterfly valves, wet alarm valve groups, water flow indicators, closed sprinklers, terminal water testing devices, faucets, and showers
6) Pipeline pressure test and water flow test
7) Installation and wiring of water pump, power distribution cabinet, controller, command components, and operating components
8) Frequency conversion control PLC program design and debugging
9) PLC program design for sprinkler extinguishing control
10) The installation, programming, development and integration of Niagara Framework open integrated application and development software
11) DDC installation, wiring and debugging training