Pre Sales:

Building strong customer relations is what RASTEK Technologies primarily focus on before starting any project. Working in full capacity and providing reliable solutions is what it believes. RASTEK Technologies produce a working environment along with the working idea to let customers hassle-free after they share their query with us.
In order to provide an effective pre-sale service, RASTEK Technologies makes things simple and easy. We follow a few straightforward characteristic steps to offer our services:

1.Consultation and Analysis
2. Solution preparation
3. Demonstration/ Presentation
4. Meetings, Queries & Negotiations
5. RFP assistance
6. System Installation


It is in the core values of RASTEK Technologies to provide services and assistance even after a product is sold. It assures complete satisfaction of the customer with the product. After a successful sale, It is ensured that all the necessary information is conveyed and for any further support technical assistance and equipment training is provided on customer/client demand.
Some of the highlighted features are as follows;

1. Technical Support
2. Maintenance
3. Workshops/training
4. Warranty
5. E-Support