General understanding:

  1. Mr. Rafiq Lakhani, CEO Rastek Technologies to act as Joint-Convener in Pakistan of Canada Pakistan Council for Education in  Pakistan and  Mr. Samir Dossal President Canada Pakistan Business Council as Joint-Convener in Canada. Mr. Lakhani’s office will be a temporary secretariat until the formal launch of its designated office.
  2. Prof. Engr. Shahab Afroz Khan, Director of Strategic Development and International Collaboration SSUET to serve as Secretary of the Canada Pakistan Education Council Pakistan.
  1. Mr. Mansoor, Syed Director Volunteers Pakistan Org.(VPO) & Canada Beyond Borders (CBB) will be the nominee and represent CPBC at the CPCE and act on both sides of the aisles. Eng. Sana Sohail to provide necessary coordination and support
  1. Member will suggest operational funding options and contribute to facilitating CPCE its operation initially, identifying grant and funding opportunities, and promote in their network and at national platforms.
  1. Any member visiting Canada should avail of the services of  CPBC to assist in possible organizing connections with Canadian academics and industry.
  2. Both CPCE councils in Pakistan and Canada will explore other world avenues to bring in financial assistance for our students in terms of scholarship and collaborative research assistance inclusive of UN agencies and 2030 sustainable development goals.
  3. The Chair and the participants on principal agreed to the formation and support of the Pakistan Light Steel Framing Construction Association (PLSFCA).

 A large number of representatives of academia have expressed their commitment to support the growth of CPCE  and the best is yet to come!