Pakistan's First Seminar on 5G Based Wireless Communication

Pakistan’s First Seminar on 5G Based Wireless Communication

31st Oct 2017 to 1st Nov 2017

RASTEK Technologies registered Pakistan’s first seminar on 5G based wireless communication and the latest researches on the concerned technology. October 31st,2017 Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and on November 1st, 2017 NED University of Engineering and Technology hosted seminars, organized by RASTEK Technologies with their principal M/S National Instruments (NI). Vital concern for this seminar was to develop skills and make us prepared for hi-tech hardware and software of the upcoming technology even before its development.

In the seminar “Framing the Future” Professors from profound universities, Students and industrialists of concerned departments attended the seminar. Honorable guest speaker, “Mr. Farris Alhorr.” from the team of National Instruments (NI) shared his intellect on communication systems and 5G. He also shared the latest research and development done yet by our Principal.

Starting the seminar with a basic understanding of wireless communications builds a healthy learning environment for students to absorb the information. Later Mr. Farris and Mr. Adnan demonstrated a wireless communication prototyping device namely “Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP)” which is an FPGA-based software-defined radio. Hands-on demonstration and visualization of signals on the latest software of LabVIEW NXG 1.0 build a deeper understanding of the need for higher bandwidth for data transfer i.e. 5G Technology. With the researcher’s aim of starting the development phase of 5G by 2020, the Latest research was shared done by Nokia, Amazon, AT&T and 128-antenna model from the University of Bristol.

A question-Answer session was conducted at the end where attendees put their queries for our guest speaker. We achieve appreciation from well-educated students, professionals and researchers for the conduction of a productive seminar also well organized and covering leading topics in technology. They also admire our commitment to the concept of building a progressive impact on Pakistan in the world of technology.

RASTEK Technologies is thankful to the Electrical Engineering department from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and Computer & Information Systems Engineering department from NED University of Engineering and Technology for successfully hosting the seminar.

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