Mr. Enrico Selva Bonino of De Lorenzo Visit of Pakistan

Mr. Enrico Selva Bonino of De Lorenzo Visit of Pakistan

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Karachi, the 15th April 2013
RASTEK TECHNOLOGIES once again pleased to announce yet another Presentation on Teaching Systems for Engineering and Technical Training Institutions like Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Machines, Control and Automation Process Control, Power Electronics, Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Renewable Energies etc.

Mr Enrico Salve Bonino the Sales Manager the Asia Pacific of our world-renowned principals M/s.DE LORENZO S.P.A, Italy visited Pakistan for one week and introduced newly inducted Training Systems in the range of products of DE LORENZO. On Tuesday the 9th April 2013 an introductory Seminar was arranged in the Conference Room of Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi, attended by the Director, Chairman and faculty members of UIT as well as prominent faculty members of nearby Universities.

On Wednesday, the 10th April, Mr Enrico visited MUET, Jamshoro and with the kind courtesy of Dr B.S. Choudhry, the Dean of Engineering, MUET a brief meeting and discussions were arranged with honourable Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Abdul Qadeer Rajput who extended precious time out of his busy schedule.

The Engineers and faculty members took a keen interest in these equipment/Training Systems and various enquiries have been generated which are under technical process of their management.

Mr Enrico Selva Bonino also visited DHA Suffa University, Bahria University, Sir Syed University of Engg. & Technology, Karachi and Amantech Foundation where he also conducted the same presentation.

Some photographs of this auspicious occasion are attached herewith.

Presentation in Bahria University seen in this picture one Director Bahria University, Captain Mohsin, Dean Engineering Prof, Dr Altaf Mukati and Mr Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani C.E.O RASTEK TECHNOLOGIES

Seminar in Usman Institute of Technology
Presentation at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology
Rafiq Ahmed Lakhani C.E.O of Rastek Technologies at UIT Seminar conducted by Mr Enrico Selva Bonino of De Lorenzo, Italy on new learning aids and Emerging Technologies in Engineering Education.

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