Stocks This Week: Short Electronic Arts And AT&T

Stocks This Week: Short Electronic Arts And AT&T
It is highly unusual for the market to be this bearish in the month of December. The coming week has a strong historical bias to the upside, but the futures are down sharply at the time of this writing.
The S&P will reach a 38.2% retracement of its 2016-2018 rally when it hits the 2510 area, a normal retracement. This appears to be the overriding factor in this decline. The resolution of these conflicting observations may be a bearish opening to the week, followed by a late-week rally. Here are a pair of short recommendations: Electronic Arts and ATT. Electronic Arts shows a weekly cycle high on the 18th. In the last year, eight of twelve sell signals have been successful. The stock has been hitting new lows in absolute and relative price since July. The stock could fall to the $75-$77 level. chart 1
There is a weekly cycle high in the coming week.CYCLES RESEARCH INVESTMENTS LLC
chart 2
This decline is likely to extend. CYCLES RESEARCH INVESTMENTS LLC


AT&T displays a weekly cycle high on Monday followed by a decline through the week. All eight short signals have been profitable in the last year. The stock is likely to test the $28 low area early during the week. Chart 3
Here is a high in the AT&T cycle. CYCLES RESEARCH INVESTMENTS LLC
Chart 4
This stock is due to test the prior low. CYCLES RESEARCH INVESTMENTS LLC
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