Teaching & Training

Abilix was founded in 1996 and is the world’s first educational robot brand. Over the last 20 years, Abilix has obtained a total of more than 400 patented technologies, independently developed over 120 types of educational robots, written more than 50 sets of robot teaching materials (in 9 language versions), which have been batch exported to over 30 countries and are the only high-tech education products batched exported from China.
Presently, Abilix educational robots are used in 31 countries and regions as platforms for teaching, competition and scientific and technological activities in more than 21,500 primary and secondary schools, more than 1,000 universities, more than 1,200 school robotics laboratories, and more than 300 robot activity centers (Abilix home). Meanwhile, Abilix has also established product distribution and service networks, online shopping malls, and offline experience stores for home users globally.

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, active in the fields of Mobility Solutions, Energy and Building Technology, Industrial Technology, and Consumer Goods.

Sanbot robots are manufactured by and a part of QIHAN Technology. As one of China’s hi-tech enterprises, QIHAN breaks through the traditional boundaries and is constantly developing new pioneering solutions. Now, the 11-year QIHAN is ready to set out with over 200 patents in technology including Machine Vision Recognition, Multi-axis Automatic Control, Big Data Analysis, and Cloud service to make numerous artificial intelligence solutions.
As a system of service innovations and business productivity, Sanbot is taking robotics technology mainstream by cooperating with IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, and Nuance. The Sanbot Robot series including Sanbot Elf, Sanbot Nano, and Sanbot Max unleashes the power of cloud-enabled robotics and AI for retailers, hoteliers, schools, nursing homes, and operators in many other customer-oriented industries, delivering smarter and more personalized services.

Didaktik is a manufacturer of training equipment for technical education. Clients are from educational institutions, technical colleges, R&D centers and industrial plants. They offer our services in Instrumentation & Control, Process, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Renewable Energies and HSE engineering disciplines in a broad range of education sectors. They expect to be challenged whether it is a full-fledged oil and gas training facility or a mini-steam power plant lab project, an engineering solution that delivers results along the way.



RASTEK Technologies and BrainPad join hands both a great mission: To offer the smartest coding platform by providing an enhanced technological learning experience that is gratifying and accessible to all ages and backgrounds. Our unique approach to combining circuits in teaching gives learners the opportunity to develop hands-on skills in addition to using critical thinking, logic and analytics.

The Ecosystem focuses on three vital elements:


  • Every level, from school ages to adults: Coding for All
  • Gain hardware and software knowledge while covering a broad spectrum of STEM topics
  • Encourage innovation using coding and technological knowledge, turning ideas into reality


  • Custom-tailored coding lessons to meet specific requirements
  • Utilize official devices that allow learners to grow and excel quickly
  • Flexible programs that fit different venue configurations, from schools and colleges to libraries and conferences


  • STEM Centric
  • Exciting Students
  • Empowering Teachers
  • Impacting Communities

Our Vision is to give everyone the necessary skills required to understand the ever-growing need for smart technologies in a digital STEM future.

Our Mission Statement is to make the BrainPad the smartest coding platform and make programming gratifying and accessible to all learners and educators.