Vocational & Skills

In a fast moving world where there is a need of quality education there is also a need evolving for Vocational Training and Skills Development. Engineers, Doctors, Civil workers, Technicians, Financial Specialists; all are getting best education from renowned colleges and universities but it is observed that most of the students are not having adequate skills in hand to be an efficient worker or a self employed person. Skills required running any business and to do a specific job is missing.


Keeping in frame a gap of a person from learning to practical implementation, Rastek Technologies has been working at different institutes from all over Pakistan to build a system of skills learning and vocational training. Now Rastek Technologies has dedicated a new department i.e. “Rastek Vocational training and Skill development Program” (RVSP) specifically for such tasks.


In Vocational Training, Courses will be offered for students without graduation in order to build their learning as per the requirement of the industry and services of daily use like, Welding, Refrigeration, Textiles, Moulds & Dyes etc.


For Skills development, Students and faculty members can have short courses in a specified field like Robotics, Electronics, Automation, Internet of Things, Electrical Wiring etc. This also can help to eradicate the issue of unemployment and create a sense of Entrepreneurship to develop an environment of Self employment.


The start of vocational training is an important practice to realize the innovative development of industry-education integration. The implementation results in the effective integration and utilization of enterprise resources, school resources, industrial resources, government resources and international organizational resources and fully plays its role independently.


The construction of this project is focused on the major cause which is beyond purchase of products but provide training center for Engineers with professional and technical skills. The institute shall provide a certain area to implement ideas and should be equipped with advanced and intelligent education equipment. Faculty will be provided with expertise in particular field of equipment. The implementation will incorporate world class talent cultivation strategy, such as Integration of Doing-Learning-Teaching (IDLT), Engineering Practice Innovative Project (EPIP), Working Process Systemic (WPS) and etc.


Considering the unique curriculum characteristics and academic quality of colleges and universities, it is necessary to carry out professional matching and curriculum matching among universities, the matching of talents training mode, the integration and matching of production and education, and the training of international technical skills talent. In order to meet the needs, Technical and skill talents needs to be build with industrial parks.

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