Analog Discovery kit


It is always convenient to have multiple options in one package. Thus, our Analog Discovery Learning kit is unique in its kind. It is based on the Digilent’s Analog Discovery 2 module. This learning trainer provides user a hands-on experience with multiple testing and measurement equipments with visual aid to assist virtually on desktops or laptops easily. REAL provides a front panel for users to build their circuits and test their workability and measure their output with convenience.

This allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed signal circuits of all kinds. The low-cost Analog Discovery kit is small enough to fit on your workbench also powerful enough to replace a stack of lab equipments, providing engineering students, hobbyists, and electronics enthusiasts the freedom to work with analog and digital circuits in virtually any environment, in or out of the lab.

Control unit

The main controller of any processor based kit is always essential. Such complications of working with multiple testing and measurement devices and giving it a virtual tool to view results on desktop or laptop is easily sorted out. REAL uses Digilent’s Analog Discovery 2 board which have enough power to handle such operations and small in size to fit for our purpose.

Instruments Incorporated

Analog Discovery based Learning System has a complete set of instruments covering the basic needs of workbench, hobbyist and electronics enthusiasts. The instruments incorporated in this learning system include the performance of high-end equipments in one package. Such instruments include:


An oscilloscope allows you to view a signal's waveform, typically in a two-dimensional graph where one or more electrical signals (on the vertical axis) are plotted as a function of time or of some other voltage (on the horizontal axis)

Waveform Generator

The Arbitrary Waveform Generator generates electronic waveforms. The waveforms can be either repetitive or single-shot. Different triggering sources can be used internally or externally.


An oscilloscope allows you to view a signal's waveform, typically in a two-dimensional graph where one or more electrical signals (on the vertical axis) are plotted as a function of time or of some other voltage (on the horizontal axis)

Programmable Power Supplies

It has two adjustable power supplies. These Supplies provide positive and negative 5 volts each. This can provide 700 mA or 2.1 W current on each channel.


The Voltmeter uses the oscilloscope channels to display the voltages in a testing circuit. The oscilloscope sweeps are windowed and DC, AC, and DC RMS values calculated.

Pattern Generator

The Digital Pattern Generator lets you define the output on the digital lines, using standard types or user-defined types.

Network Analyzer

The Network Analyzer is used to analyze transfer functions. The Bode plot shows the magnitude and phase of the expressed function versus frequency. .

Spectrum Analyzer

The Spectrum Analyzer instrument measures the magnitude of an input signal versus its frequency. It takes rather complex measurements and makes it easier to understand. .

Easy to use

Analog Discovery based learning system is designed in a way that even a student of basic electronics or any other user with very little knowledge can easily use it. This contains a breadboard with option to put electronics and test circuits easily while it provides a user interface which is very convenient to understand and simple to control. These salient properties make it such a vital and reachable tool.


Learning Analog systems
Analog Discovery 2 Reference Manual
Waveform Software


1Can we test kit functions before buying it?
“WaveForms 2015”, the software that interfaces with the kit, is a free download and includes Demo Mode. In Demo Mode you can use all of the tools that you would have access to with the physical Analog Discovery 2.
2What software can we use?
The Analog Discovery 2 uses WaveForms 2015, which can be found on resource. This allows you to use the nine built-in tools and the Script Editor to write custom tests. The Analog Discovery 2 is also compatible with LabVIEW after you download the Digilent WaveForms VI Package.
3What accessories can I use with the kit?
You can find all of the accessories for the Analog Discovery 2 at the Digilent store and can have it through REAL, including an external power supply, mini grabber clips, flywire labels, PowerBRICKS, breadboard adapter, BNC adapter, and BNC probes.
4What are the bandwidth, sampling rate, resolution and other specs of the kit?
You can check out the specifications in resources.
5Does it perform Digital processing?
Absolutely! The Analog Discovery 2 is a full-featured engineering USB laboratory. It includes analog tools such as the Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator, Network Analyzer, and Spectrum Analyzer. It also includes digital tools such as the Pattern Generator, Logic Analyzer, Static I/O, and Data Logger.
6I don’t have a windows computer?
Yes! Waveforms is compatible to Mac, Linux and windows.
7How do I use the tools?
You can check the manual in resources or for further contact engineers at REAL, the division of RASTEk Technologies.